A DEESIDE councillor has slammed the continuous 'abuse and disrespect' to the town.

Shotton Councillor Mike Evans said despite people adapting to the new social behaviour and distancing, some things have not changed as fly-tippers continue to plague the streets.

Dozens of bags were left outside the Crystal Bingo on Thursday morning, which is one of the main hotspots.

Cllr Evans said: "Unfortunately as people adapt to new social behaviour and distancing others carry on like nothing has changed and continue to abuse and disrespect our town.

"This is just one of the areas which is regularly cleared by our hard working Streetscene Team.

"The team regularly clear the majority of fly-tipping from the town centre area (Shotton West Ward) but the other wards of our town also have their hot spots in Shotton East and Higher Shotton.

"As people take their regular daily exercise they see it in other areas such as beauty spots which have regular abuse.

The Leader:

"Shotton and Deeside folk are good people but there seems to be an element that just doesn't give a damn and tarnish our community."

The Leader has previously reported the continuous fly-tipping issues in the Shotton area, despite the introduction of CCTV in some hot spot areas.

Cllr Evans added: "This isn't a new problem, it's been a ongoing issue and it seems to be growing.

"Enough is enough, Deeside people want action. We are fed up of hearing chapter and verse statements.

"Deeside folk are proud people, so stop the few ruining it for the many."