POLICE are concerned that someone will get hurt after "near misses" involving youths riding motorbikes in Caia Park.

Wrexham's town policing team have safety concerns after reports of motorcycles being ridden in The Dunks, Spring Lodge and Montgomery Road.

Sergeant Matt Subacchi added: "We don’t want anyone getting hurt. The risk is serious to those riding motorcycles at high speed often without helmets. We ask that you stay safe of yourself and others. We will look to take positive action against those that take risks and put others at similar risk."

The policing team are taking action to tackle the problem.

One of the tactics is the use of DNA spray, which marks the clothing or skin of a rider for a considerable amount of time. Officers can later check individuals suspected of riding motorcycles will be scanned via torches carried by officers identifying offenders.

Another approach is education, with officers speaking to young people in local youth clubs, schools and local community leaders around risk of such behaviour

PC Kerry Evans, Caia Park Community Beat Manager, said: "My aim is to create a safer neighbourhood for those living on the Caia Park residential estate. Reducing any risk of harm to those riding motorcycles or anyone else walking in and around Caia Park is important to me and North Wales Police."

Police are also working with the council's housing association to ask tenants not to leave motorcycles in gardens or garages so they can't be stolen and then used anti-socially.

Those found riding anti-socially who live in council accommodation may have face disciplinary from tenancy enforcement.