SOME residents in the Flint area have been hit with a power cut this evening.

Scottish Power report on their website that just after 8.40pm this evening, June 3, that residents in the Flint area may experience some power outage at home due to a cut that came without warning.

A spokesman for the power provider said: “There is a power cut affecting the CH6 postcode area of Flint. We had no advance warning of this and only became aware of it at 8:42PM.

“Our control centre will attempt to reset the network remotely to restore power in stages, and we will also send our next available engineer to attend site.

“Our team will work to get your power back on as quickly and as safely as possible, and we expect the power to be restored by 10:45PM.

“Once they arrive, or when we receive any update regarding the cause, we will be able to provide you with more information.”

Scottish Power issued an apology for the inconvenience.