ONLOOKERS were left shocked and "horrified" when an "out of control" dog attacked and killed a gosling near a Flintshire pond.

The incident occurred at about 4.30pm on Buckley common on Monday and saw a French bulldog - off its lead - attack and kill a gosling.

An eyewitness described it as "one of the most horrifying things myself and my husband have ever seen" and "just awful".

North Wales Police confirmed the incident had been reported to the force.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “Owners have a responsibility to ensure dogs are under control at all times.

“Many dogs, if given the opportunity, will show interest in or chase other animals - including wildlife and livestock.

“Keeping dogs on a lead even if the owner thinks they have good control of their dog can protect potentially vulnerable animals like goslings - and reduce the risk of incidents such as this.

“Owners concerned about their dogs’ behaviour should seek help from a suitable behaviour expert. Those with the appropriate combination of qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience can offer invaluable help and advice.”