WREXHAM residents were left shocked and angered after an authorised tree felling.

Residents of Broughton Heights in New Broughton were left thinking that "someone could have been killed" after a large oak tree was chain sawed down over the weekend.

The Leader:

And to compound matters, it is believed the tree won't be removed any time soon as the land supposedly belongs to housing developers, and not Wrexham Council.

Residents are also fearful for any birds that could have been nesting in the tree.

One local resident, wishing to remain anonymous, told the Leader: "On Friday we heard a chainsaw but obviously it didn't cross our minds it was that tree being cut, we just assumed was in someone's garden.

"It just crashed down, after being cut to within an inch of falling and left - it could have killed someone.

"I've seen pigeons flying in and out of the tree so it's a possibility that it contained a nest, and even if didn't - this is an Oak tree that could have been hundreds of years old.

"I'm not sure why someone would just want to come along and cut it down."

The Leader:

A Wrexham Council spokesperson said: "The council has had no involvement in this particular incident and it is a case of a resident removing an unprotected nuisance tree with or without any ownership consent. "We would always advise caution if you wish to fell a tree and to seek expert advice before doing so.”