A WREXHAM man has transformed his garden with homemade toys in a bid to spread some joy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Roy Griffiths, of Denbigh Close, has dozens of flower pot men for his front garden to make passers-by smile.

Mr Griffiths has created over 45 men all doing something different, including playing on a zip wire, a swing, skiing, a Spitfire for VE Day and nurses as a special tribute to the NHS staff.

At the end of his garden is a charity box in which he hopes to raise funds for Hope House Hospice.

The Leader:

He told the Leader: “I’ve been making these little men for years and when lockdown came, a neighbour asked if we could put a teddy bear in our window as part of a children’s bear hunt.

“I thought I could do better than that and so I started making more men and thought of different, creative things for them to do.

“I’ve got some fishing, police cars, it’s all very fascinating.

“I’m trying to raise money for Hope House because nurses have to work there as well and it’s a difficult time. I’ve put a collection box on the wall and it’s doing really well.

The Leader:

“It was intended to be fun for the children but adults are just as interested as the children, everyone thinks it’s wonderful and people are coming up with different suggestions.”

It is hoped that after the lockdown, as well as the money raised, that Mr Griffiths can donate the toys to Hope House.

He added: “It’s just gone on and on and on. It’s been amazing. People, when they find out I’ve made them all, clap for me.

“It’s given people so much joy so it’s done what I’ve wanted it to do.

The Leader:

“Every one of them tells a different story. It’s gathered quite a lot of interest in the area. If you can have a laugh and a smile, then it’s done its job.

“I wanted to make people smile whilst out on their walk. I’ve never spoken to so many neighbours. We are all keeping our distance, naturally, but it’s been absolutely wonderful and I love seeing the joy it brings.”

The Leader: