A WREXHAM mum described her terror after her car window was smashed by a beer bottle.

Taxi driver Nicola Hesp has not been working since March 22 as her husband Christopher has underlying health conditions - but she has been volunteering to help others in her community.

The 49-year-old had been out all day on Saturday working hard to deliver lunches to children, food bags to families and collect food donations from supermarkets for the Community Cafe in Rhos.

 The Leader:

Images provided by Beth Hesp

Shortly before 7.50pm, she turned on Ruthin Road in Wrexham when the back window of her car shattered.

"We'd just come off the sliproad from the bypass and the bang was tremendous," she told the Leader.

"The back window had been put through. It was a Corona beer bottle and there was glass everywhere.

The Leader:

"I pulled over and my daughter-in-law Beth, who was with me, called the police. "I had a massive panic attack and I couldn't stop shaking.

"I was just crying. Now I am really upset and angry.

"With the force it was thrown, it could have killed someone.

"Prestige Taxis where I work had let me use the car to do my voluntary work - so while I have it, I am responsible for it.

The Leader:

"My bosses have been really nice and told me not to worry, we'll sort it out.

"Because I was responsible for the car I will have to pay for it, but they have said I can do that when I am able to."

Mrs Hesp said she has since been inundated with kindness, adding: "Everyone's been great. "The police officer on the night was lovely and I have had messages from my customers asking if I'm alright."

Beth Hesp, 26, added: "It just scared me as my window was open. If they had thrown it a couple seconds earlier it could have caused really bad damage.

The Leader:

"All my clothes had glass in and my hair.

"My first instinct was to phone the police but we realised there were police behind us so we just got out the car and waved them down."

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed that the incident was reported to them just before 8pm and is under investigation.