A STONEY serpent has made Buckley its home as dozens of families have helped it grow.

Faye Dean, a mum-of-two who lives in the town, started the colourful snake with her children on May 20 after spotting the national trend make its way to Flintshire through social media.

Since then, the snake – named Covid – has grown and twisted across the path outside the Buckley Common.

She said: “I had seen the idea on Flintshire Rocks and thought it would be a nice idea for the people of Buckley to start one, especially for children to get involved. My two children love decorating pebbles.

“I hope that it will bring a smile to their face during this hard time for them. There are lots of lovely rocks there and lots of creativity has gone into them.”

Faye said she did not expect to see the snake to grow so large – with more than 300 rocks joining up to form the snake being laid down in just under two weeks.

Daily photos are posted to the town's social media group by fellow Buckley resident Cathy Mayers-Jones to show the progress of the snake growing as more and more rocks are added.

She said: “I think he is lovely. Buckley has got a good community spirit and Covid the snake has been embraced by a lot of people.”

People have expressed concerns about what will happen to the snake once it gets too big for the current local and wondered if Buckley’s colourful snake could find a permanent home

Cathy said: “People are passionate about him being permanent, he can't stay where he is unfortunately. I'm trying to sort moving him to somewhere a bit more permanent.”

Various other rocky reptiles have popped up across the nation – including one previously reported on by the Leader in Connah’s Quay made from dozens of brightly-painted stones.