FLINT Coastguard volunteers were called to two groups of people on sandbanks potentially being cut off by the tide.

A spokesman for the rescue service confirmed that the two different incidents occurred around 12pm with one group in Flint and the other group between Bagillt and Flint.

They added: "The group in Flint were a group of six and the group in Bagillt were reported to be four adults and two children.

"One CRO on scene at Flint point who confirmed all six from group one were now back ashore. Safety advice given.

"With this information, the rest of the team proceeded to Bagillt to try and get eyes on the second group. After a short search one team member managed to make contact with one of the first callers, caller confirmed that he had witnessed the group making it safely ashore three minutes earlier.

"All information passed over to Holyhead CGOC who were then happy for the team to stand down.

"We would like to thank all the callers that dialled 999 to report these two incidents."