A FLINTSHIRE MP says he has "many questions to be answered" over the Dominic Cummings lockdown controversy.

Welsh Conservative MP for Delyn Rob Roberts received a social media backlash on Saturday after describing the issue as appearing to be "a bit of a non-event".

Mr Roberts says he has since taken time away from social media to escape "some of the horrendous and disgusting messages" he says he has received.

He has now clarified his position on the matter, and says "of course it is right that we cannot have one rule for one and another for the rest", and that he has asked for "proper investigation" into the situation.

And if Mr Cummings is deemed to have acted inappropriately following an investigation, Mr Roberts says "he should go".

On Monday, a statement posted on Facebook by Mr Roberts regarding the situation said: "I have received messages and emails about Dominic Cummings.

"I have many questions to be answered (which I am putting to the relevant people) and will await the responses before I pass judgement or comment further."

Mr Roberts says "trial by media" is not acceptable and that the reaction of the press and others outside his home and some online comments has "disgusted" him.

He said: "I have been on the receiving end from social media in the past and it has an awful impact on your mental well-being.

"Political opinion and activism shouldn’t override basic human decency."

Mr Roberts, elected to office in the 2019 general election, says he will make his "own judgement" on the issue when "in possession of all the facts".

But he says "either way, nobody should have to put up with a baying mob outside their home".

Mr Roberts added: "This period of lockdown has intensified and magnified every behaviour. We have seen the very best of British behaviour but sadly also some of the worst and most disgraceful, particularly on social media.

"Of course it is right that we cannot have one rule for one and another for the rest. I have asked for a proper investigation into the situation and whatever the outcome that should be the end of the matter.

"If Mr Cummings has acted inappropriately according to an investigation, then he should go. If an investigation concludes that he hasn’t, then he shouldn’t.

"The media doesn’t get to call the shots on who is hired and fired.

"I have nothing further to say about it at this time."