A MARTIAL arts instructor is hoping to give hundreds to a Welsh NHS charity with a virtual fundraiser.

Sven Klein has been running SK Cobras Martial Arts based in Wrexham for just over five years and has put forward this charity challenge to his students in order to raise funds for the Wrexham Maelor League of Friends to do his bit for the NHS locally.

Due to the lockdown and stay-at-home order in place, students will perform for the Kickathon at home in a virtual session.

Sven said: “The NHS has been doing a lot for this country and I wanted to do something that would help support our Wrexham Maelor, being the local community’s hospital.”

“We are going to be running the kickathon through Zoom and our students will be looking to do as many kicks at they can in an hour – people can donate a one off donation or they can opt for something like 1p per kick – which will really spur everyone of the students on to do their very best.”

Sven says his partner was a former A&E nurse – which fuelled his want to fundraise further.

The Kickathon will start on May 28 at 3pm and will see some of Sven’s 110 martial arts students – who are all local to the Wrexham area - perform as many kicks as possible in an hour.

Once the money has been collected, Sven says that – depending on the coronavirus restrictions at the time – he wants to either send the charity a cheque or be able to give it to the charity in person whilst maintaining social distance on June 28.

To donate to the fundraiser, go to www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/skcobras.