A DANCE instructor is dedicated to bringing people together through her virtual fitness classes.

In the face of social distancing restrictions Julie Kirk Thomas, who lives in Llangollen, had to diversify and deliver her classes in a new format using the online app, Zoom.

For the past 15 years, Julie has been delivering her Strictly ‘Fun’ Dancing classes in Llangollen Town Hall, The Stiwt in Rhos and the Lion Quays Country Club in Oswestry.

Julie has now amalgamated these groups into one big Zoom class every Wednesday morning at 11am.

“It’s a whole new performance area I knew nothing about. You could call me a ‘virtual virgin’!", says Julie.

Thanks to some technical assistance from her son she was up and running in a couple of weeks.

She said: “I even have a few ex-pro dancer friends from London joining in, which I was initially nervous about but everyone is so friendly and just there to get moving and get together - we always have a good chin-wag at the beginning and end of each class!”.

Newcomers are always welcome among Julie’s fun-loving group of regular attendees.

During the lockdown Julie has been busy creating the ‘Fun Seekers’ Club - a group of likeminded people who love music and movement.

Every alternate Friday at 6pm she delivers a 45-minute dance workshop on a different theme.

Julie said: “So far we have danced to ‘Bollywood’ which is very uplifting and had great fun dressing up in 1920’s gear and learning a Charleston. I choreograph an easy to learn routine. People pay what they please and there is a warm welcome for newcomers.”

Before the Lockdown came Julie was due to deliver four Children’s Musical Theatre Workshops during the Easter Holidays, however, she hopes to resume these once it is safe and there is no risk to anyone.

With more Themed Workshops planned, Julie hopes to keep us fit and healthy through ‘Grease’, ‘Mamma Mia!’ and ‘Dirty Dancing.’