A FATHER and daughter duo have been spreading joy with special performances on their Wrexham Street.

The pair stole hearts when they performed on their street on Dorset Drive for their neighbours after the national Clap for Carers event on a Thursday evening.

Alec Knox and his 5-year-old daughter Phoebe have been playing the drums together every week for the past month.

Alec, who performs in two bands The Maydays and Indieanna Tones, told the Leader: "I first started playing the drums in the street to join in with the appreciative applause for our key workers and wonderful NHS.

"But I soon realised that my performances were spreading a lot of joy at this difficult time and had become a sort of highlight of the week for the people in the street.

"I realised drums are quite boring by themselves so I started playing along to music with the bambino by my side.

"I had bought Phoebe a little drum kit last Christmas as she 'wanted to be like the girl on the Argos advert' but never really thought she'd be that interested when the novelty had worn off.

"After one or two solo performances she asked could she join me and the rest is history.

"After her first performance she said, 'That was so much fun' and I simply replied saying 'That's why Daddy does it baby'.

"I'm so proud of her, she's a little star."