A ROCKY reptile has appeared in Connah's Quay and has captured a community's imagination in lockdown.

Six-year-old Jacob Smith and his sister Evelyn made a rock snake my painting pebbles, starting with the face painted on one stone.

A few more were added for its body and a sign was put up asking people to add to it to see how long it could grow.

The Leader:

Mum Janine Smith said: "I’d seen that someone down south had done something similar. With Wales still being in lockdown I thought we needed something different to lift the children’s spirits.

"We are so used to seeing decorated stones picking them up and re-hiding them but we’ve had to stop that during Covid-19.

"Our children loved decorating the stones for a new purpose. They’ve been so excited about the snake and it’s really perked them up. They go out and check to see if he’s grown.

"It’s given them something new to think about."

The snake is placed at the alleyway on Coppack Close and dozens of rocks have already been added to it.

The Leader: