WORK between a Wrexham community and its local pharmacy is resolving an issue of long queues for prescriptions.

Last week, the Leader reported that queuing outside Well Pharmacy in Rhos was stretching up the street on a daily basis.

Well Pharmacy operates two chemists in Rhos, one of which is currently shut due to Covid-19 related staff shortages.

To help solve the problem local volunteers are taking details of prescriptions from those queuing into the pharmacy to help staff make swifter preparations.

And the scheme, according to local county councillor Paul Pemberton, "appears to be working".

He said: "We have one hell of a good community - people are willing to jump in and help without hesitation.

"Waiting times are now down to minutes rather than hours - so it's been well worth the effort.

"A volunteer told me on Wednesday due to the recent long waits, a young man turned up with a deck chair and was made up when he didn’t have to use it.

"I want to say a massive thanks to our brilliant and committed staff in the pharmacy in Rhos and a very big thanks to our volunteers - I hope it continues to have the desired impact.

Cllr Pemberton says he is speaking to the Well head office regularly and is being told the other pharmacy will open in "a few weeks."