COUNCIL chiefs have been thanked for quickly removing an piece of "disgusting" graffiti from a Mold Pavement.

The Leader reported yesterday how a resident was shocked to find the words "ALL WELSH DIE OF COVID - SCUM" scrawled in Milford Street.

According to the man, who does not want to be named, the offensive words had been written overnight near the entrance to Railway Walk.

Readers reacted with disbelief and disgust on the Leader's Facebook page, labelling the message "vile" and "horrible".

Flintshire Council was made aware of the incident, as well as North Wales Police.

The resident who shared the image of the graffiti praised council officers for their quick response time.

He said: "It was cleared up that morning by about lunchtime and it looks a lot better now. "I had a chat with my neighbours about it and they were horrified as well. "I'd like to thank Flintshire Council for being so quick to remove it - they were very good."

Cllr Tim Maunders, who stepped down as mayor of the town on Wednesday, slammed those responsible.

He said: "This was incredibly an offensive, insensitive and disgusting thing to have done.

"With the position we're in at the moment, when there are so many people dying - how dare you?

"There's just absolutely no need for that. It's simply horrible."