AN ARTIST from Pontfadog believes he has created a 'sculptured painting' that will help people understand how many have died from COVID-19.

Arron Kuiper, 36, has been an artist since leaving university after studying Fine Art at the Cardiff School of Art and Design, based at the Welsh capital's Metropolitan University.

Since mid-march, he has been using his unique style of using oil paint inside a syringe to create a piece of work that commemorates the deaths record so far, and says the project is ongoing.

"I started the project because I could," said Arron.

"I've had the time and I wanted to do it. We can't really understand it and I felt I had to something.

"I live out in the sticks so I couldn't really volunteer for anything, so I felt this was a good way to help people come to terms with what is happening, and it's my way of doing it.

"It's about putting people back to the numbers that are coming out – I wanted to volunteer something that would helps others."

With no plans to sell the work, Arron admitted he could foresee a time when it was going to be shown as a monument to those who have died from coronavirus.

"I would like for it to be shown somewhere, as testament to the people who have died," he added.

"I don't want people to think it's distasteful but the people who have seen it so far haven't – I hope people view it as strangely beautiful."

Arron's artwork project has been running since March 21 this year, and for those who want to chart its progress can head to

For more on Arron's wrok, head to Facebook or Instagram and search Arron Kuiper.