DESPITE social distancing rules, one street in Buckley found itself with several new inhabitants - including a queen, a president, and an astronaut.

They were all scarecrows in the latest activity organised by residents of Warren Crescent, Buckley, to keep their spirits up during life in lockdown.

Her Majesty the Queen complete with two corgis was the winner, followed by a scarecrow celebrating our NHS heroes, with President Donald Trump in third place.

Calling the crescent home the longest, 86-year-old Beryl Berry was given the honour of judging the competition.

Beryl said: “They were all excellent, there was a lot of work put into them all. There must have been 11 or 12 altogether.

“I think everyone agreed that the Queen was the winner but they were all very good.”

Beryl said the competition, organised by her neighbour Fiona Grudger, was just the latest community event organised in the street.

“I have lived here the longest, they always come and ask me if there’s something they want to know," she added.

“It’s nice to have neighbours that look out for you, especially when you’re on your own, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else."

Professional photographer Melissa Cross, herself a resident of Warren Crescent, took these pictures of her neighbours' creations.

In addition to competitions like this, the neighbours have been crafting clothes bags for hospital staff, holding weekend group exercise sessions, and helping each other out with DIY jobs and shopping trips.