A COUNCILLOR has hailed a community for its generosity as a building used by groups in Chirk reaches its 20th anniversary.

Chirk Bunkhouse was built to replace the town’s previous scout hut which needed replacing.

Initial efforts to raise funds through the well-known Beaujolais Wine Run fundraiser in Chirk brought in £3,800, which helped to restore the old hut.

After a failed application to the Lottery Fund, a group of fundraisers consisting of local businesspeople, helped to raise more than £46,000 over two years, before a second Lottery Fund grant application for £160,000 was accepted.

The bunkhouse was built in place of the Scout Hut, and has since been used by guests from across the UK and Europe, as well as many local scout groups.

It is now managed by the Lon Y Bugail Trust charity, and trust chairman, Councillor Terry Evans, believes the building is a symbol of the dedication and generosity of the people in Chirk.

“Without the initial help from the team at the very start and the Chamber of Trade, it just wouldn’t have happened,” he said.

“The dedication of the helpers from the start and throughout the years has been tremendous.

“Initially to raise £46,000 in two years was fantastic – it takes some doing, and that’s down to the heart of the people in Chirk who supported this 100 per cent.”

The Lon Y Bugail Trust is responsible for looking after the bunkhouse and generating capital for improvements whenever they are required.

Cllr Evans added: “We built the bunkhouse accommodation as well as the hall in the building which is to incorporate the scouts and guides and other movements, and then the accommodation generates funds over the 12 months of each year for any maintenance needed on or in the building.

“That’s managed by the Lon Y Bugail Trust, and their main aim is to generate funds to look after the health of the building – it’s a fair commitment, but it seems to be going well at the moment.

“We’ve had people staying here from all over the UK and Europe, and they really like it because of what we have to offer in the area. It’s a nice place for people to stay when they visit, and there’s a pack for visitors to get into the castle free of charge which we pay an annual fee for.

“We’ve had some terrific recommendations and reviews, and Brownies and Scouts groups from Welshpool, Wrexham as well as in the locality, and they stay with us year after year.”