One pound will not go very far these days. It won’t buy you a cup of coffee and you won’t have much change from a chocolate bar.

But what price would you pay for open democracy and a trusted, local news service?

It could cost only £1 a week.

In these unprecedented times, a good local news service is more important than ever. We truly believe, in spite of many challenges, that the Leader provides great value for money.

Hundreds of thousands of people rely on us every day to keep them connected with the world.

But due to the current economic climate, there has been a decline in advertising revenue.

And we know that some of our loyal readers are isolating and are unable to get to a newsagent to purchase a daily copy.

Due to these two points, we’ve introduced two new schemes, upon which we hope to have your support.

Firstly, if you sign up for a newspaper delivery, the cost of delivery will be covered for the next six weeks. Trusted news, puzzles and entertainment delivered straight to your door throughout the pandemic.

For home delivery, call 0800 612 0888 and our home delivery team will take your details securely over the phone.

No need for you to worry about going to a shop to get the Leader. It’s there through your letter box, five days a week.

Secondly, you can have a digital subscription. For just £1 a week, you’ll have access to our entire archive, faster loading and fewer adverts on

Our pay wall is one of the most generous in the industry – and breaking news stories and those relating to important coronavirus updates will not be behind that pay wall.


For those of you who do not wish to support us through a digital subscription, much of our content will still be free to read.

You will not need to subscribe for major breaking news stories, and vital coronavirus news and information will continue to be provided free to all users.  

Please help us by supporting local, trusted journalism with either a home delivery local newspaper order or a digital subscription. There’s never been a more important time to do so. 

We’re there with you – so please be there with us. 

Thank you for your support.

Susan Perry, Group Editor, Newsquest North Wales

* This article, along with breaking news and coronavirus updates, does not count towards your article limit and is in front of the pay wall