A FITNESS centre has ensured hundreds of people do not miss out amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

Elite Studios in Mynydd Isa took the decision to close on March 18 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This meant that 600 adults and children could no longer take part in dance and exercise together at the studio.

Emma Knox Jones said: “From the day we closed, the team worked solidly to transfer the whole service into an online format.

“By Monday, March 24, we had set up 22 live online classes for members ranging from Aerobics to Pilates.”

These classes ensured members still had access to workout sessions but also allowed Emma and her husband Jonny to secure employment for a further eight freelance instructors who would have otherwise been out of work.

Recorded sessions were provided for the children as pupils of Elite School of Dance (which is also based at Elite Studios) and the team are set to launch 41 live online classes after Easter for over 300 children, securing employment for a further dance, drama and singing teachers.

Emma added: “We have lots of wonderful feedback and comments. I'm incredibly proud of how we have responded as a team to this terrible situation.

“My admin team are working remotely, all responding to clients as they always would have done and I'm just delighted that, when such challenges were presented, we responded in such a positive and swift manner for our clients, pupils and staff.”