POLICE have warned of "extremely reckless" behaviour in Flintshire amid lockdown.

Police said people have been swimming in quarry water at Pant Du quarry in Nercwys and Halkyn quarry.

South Flintshire Police Team said: "We have been made aware of some extremely reckless behaviour in terms of persons swimming in Pant Du, Nerwcys and Halkyn quarries.

"You pose a serious danger to yourself and others who potentially may have to come to your assistance. #STAYHOME #SAVELIVES #PROTECTTHENHS"

Information on Gov.UK states that quarry water is much colder than rivers, lakes and the sea. Many quarries are so deep that they are fed with water from underground springs or aquifers.

As this water originates deep within the ground, it is extremely cold, and so people are likely to become exhausted much more quickly than they would think.