A MOLD woman has been recognised for her achievements after writing a play that tackles a subject 'no-one wants to talk about'.

Dancing in the Wings, written by Mold woman Philippa Davies, 48, was featured at Theatr Clwyd in February.

The play is based on the writer's own journey through the loss of her baby daughter, Sam, who was born sleeping in January 2012.

As a result, Philippa had moved attendees to 'tears' and raised awareness of a subject that she said nobody wants to talk about.

Philippa was nominated for the Chwarae Teg Womenspire awards for all her hard work, and she took to social media to express her excitement as she revealed she was a finalist.

She said she was 'humbled' and it came as a 'big surprise', adding that this is the 'first big step in raising awareness, understanding and support' for anyone affected by baby loss.

She said: "I couldn’t have done Dancing in the Wings without the cast and team and all the people who supported me to write this. Most of all this is for you Sam."

Womenspire recognises women’s achievements in every aspect of life, from personal achievements to outstanding contribution. The Womenspire Awards showcase the remarkable accomplishments of women across Wales and will inspire future generations.

The awards have been postponed until September due to the coronavirus outbreak.

From the three-day performance at the theatre also raised £500 for Hope House and £500 for Sands UK.

The team will also auction off a new sofa which was used in the play, after the coronavirus lockdown - this was donated by Westbridge Furniture.

Philippa added: "Well done cast and team for the incredible commitment and hard work to Sam’s story, and thank you."