SCHEDULED home delivery slots for people in the 'shielded group' is expected to begin this week.

Jack Sargeant, AM for Alyn and Deeside has used the first ever live streamed plenary session, in the National Assembly, to push the First Minister on the need for priority delivery slots for people shielding from COVID-19.

Mr Sargeant has led calls this week for Wales to implement a priority delivery scheme, for the most vulnerable who have been told by the government to stay indoors and used the opportunity of the Assembly meeting to further push on the issue.

He asked the First Minister if Welsh Government had plans to work with supermarkets across Wales to help vulnerable and those in self-isoaltion, get priotiry in home delivery slots and if so, when they will be in practise.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said: "Just to be clear, across the United Kingdom, the priority slots that supermarkets are able to offer are for the shielded group, not the vulnerable group, which is much bigger than that. We concluded data agreements with supermarkets in Wales this week. That’s really important—we can’t release people’s personal data to supermarkets without proper safeguards in place.

"All the data were supplied to three of the eight supermarkets yesterday. The rest of them will get it today. That means they will be able to schedule home deliveries for people in the shielded group here in Wales and we expect that to begin this week."

Commenting afterwards Mr Sargeant said: “I really welcome this announcement, for those that are shielding. I have been contacted by local residents who have asked about priority delivery slots.

"I was determined that this should be in place for them as quickly as possible, so wanted to push the First Minister on the matter.

"I will continue to urge all supermarkets to make even more slots are made available for vulnerable people outside the shielded group to access."