FLINTSHIRE children have come together to show support for their heroes amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

Children at a primary school have drawn pictures of rainbows and their heroes and it has been edited into an adorable video.

Mum Ruth Dive said her son Joshua drew a picture of his Nanna Morris who is working in a chemist helping sick people.

She said: “The school mums have a group chat and together we had the idea to give the kids something to look back on and keep something positive.

“They all drew pictures of their heroes and we pit it together as a video, it was really good fun.

“It is a lovely idea and adds positivity for them. They can look back and remember this with a smile. It’s something they can focus their energy on.

“Joshua’s hero was my mum who is still working in a chemist. Thank you to all of our teachers, NHS, key workers and shop workers.”