IF you are asking yourself "should I go out?" then the answer is almost certainly no.

That is the message from Wrexham town's inspector Vic Powell who said the current coronavirus outbreak is the biggest threat to British people since the Second World War.

The message is getting through - especially in the town centre area - but the inspector says that unless everyone adheres to social distancing guidance he see the Government bringing in far more Draconian measures, such as in Cyprus where a night-time curfew is in place.

Insp Powell said: "My feeling at the moment is people are seeing how far they can stretch it. They shouldn't be asking 'can I go out?', they should be asking 'should I go out?'.

"If you asking yourself the question should you go out, then the answer is no. That is the bottom line.

"We are saying to people please do stay in your home and only go out if you have to."

The Leader:

Officers at Tesco in Wrexham showing support for their NHS colleagues

New guidance over the weekend means that police officers will be seen wearing masks more often.

These will be used when it is not possible for officers to remain two metres from other officers or members of the public while carrying out there duties.

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Where possible, police officers in Wrexham will stop to say hello to children if they spot a rainbow

Measures have been taken at Wrexham's police station in the town, with regular hand washing and tape marking out 2m distances. Where possible police cars will be occupied by just one officer but when this isn't possible they will wear masks.

Insp Powell said it was a fine line between protecting police officers and possibly creating panic, but the masks were being worn to ensure the safety of officers and members of the public.

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Rhosddu Road patrols conducted by PC Hulley and PC Wadsworth

Over the weekend town police officers have been visiting supermarkets, patrolling communities, and carrying out checks on roads, such as Rhosddu road.