A DEESIDE dad is taking the fight against personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages amid the coronavirus crisis into his own hands.

Mark Mannering, from Connah's Quay, is printing off bulk loads of 3D full face protective visors - made available by printing companies in response to the virus - from his home for NHS staff on the frontline.

The 34-year-old is printing these on several of his personal machines, but needs people's help to continue doing so.

Mark, who is planning to buy another printer this week to help the supply, said: "I am happy to utilise my time, however I will need all the support I can get to fund the printing costs and materials for these visors.

"Generally, we can buy a 1kg spool of filament for around £20 and can print 20 plus visors.

"We will also need to purchase the other materials for making these, like clear film/plastic sheets for the visor."

"After some calculations each complete visor will cost around £0.60 to £0.75 so you can genuinely help with very little."

The Leader: Jo Moore of Birchwood Residential Treatment Centre in Birkenhead dons one of the protective visors.Jo Moore of Birchwood Residential Treatment Centre in Birkenhead dons one of the protective visors.

Reflecting on the scheme, Mark - a single dad - said: "Right now the NHS is suffering from a severe shortage of protective equipment for its staff.

"All around the world medical staff and health organizations are reaching out for the help of 3D printers to help with the current shortage.

"As this pandemic continues so shall the shortage continue to worsen.

"Luckily 3D printable designs for full face visors have been created and made publicly available. Therefore this gives us a chance to help our NHS where otherwise we would be powerless to do so."

"Our NHS staff are tirelessly and selflessly working to keep us healthy. I feel we have an obligation to do the same for them."

And nurses at the Countess of Chester Hospital have already collected a box full of the visors.

Mark is looking to raise £2000 to help fund the scheme, and you can donate to the fundraiser here.