A BUCKLEY couple is urging people to ‘get back in touch with their human side’ as those who are dying cannot get their basic needs.

Steve Boswell’s wife, Emma, was given the devastating news she had a 'limited time' to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and the pair said those acting ‘selfishly’ during the coronavirus pandemic is making their lives that much harder.

He told the Leader that they are both classed as ‘high risk’ but struggle to get their everyday basic needs.

He said: “Please stop, think about your actions. Get back in touch with your human side and think of the people who are at risk and possibly dying, that can't get the basic needs because of greed and people thinking of themselves.

“Stop for one minute and think what if it was your child, mum, dad nan or granddad, would you see them in their final months suffering and not being able to live while they can.

“What if it was you in this situation? How would you feel? Please, just stop and only get what you need. If you shopped like you would a weekly shop, items would still be available, shelves still stocked and the people who need it will be able get access to what the really need.”

Steve, who is out of a job as a fulltime DJ said there is also the added fear that his wife’s chemotherapy next month will not be going ahead as planned.

Despite struggling himself, he has made sure that his high-risk neighbours have the essentials they need such as bread, milk and coffee.

He added: “My fear is my wife getting this during her chemo and not being able to get things like sanitisers and antibacterial hand wash plus worried her chemo may be affected.

“We only buy our weekly shop and don't bulk buy. We can't get fresh chicken breasts, no pork mince, chorizo, pitta bread, lasagne sauces, double Gloucester cheese, toilet rolls, hand sanitizer, hand wash, baby wipes, some nappies, dry Spaghetti, dry and fresh pasta and bottles of water etc.

“It adds more worry than it ever has done before.

"The lack of food has not affected us too much, we have just changed the way we shop and what we shop for.

"We have done more shopping at Iceland than we have done at Asda and Tesco, when we do shop at Tesco or Asda we have just looked for alternative foods but hand sanitizer and hand wash has been the toughest and trying to get hold of masks and gloves have been impossible even online.”