TWO African Antelopes have escaped from Borth Wild Animal Zoo.

The animals, also known as lechwe, both escaped on Wednesday morning, prompting the zoo to release an appeal on social media.

The public has been urged to keep a safe distance from the animals but the zoo insisted neither animal posed a threat.

Borth Zoo wrote on Facebook: "If anyone sees them please contact the zoo immediately on 01970 871224.

"We have located the male and are doing our best to keep him in one place as our dart team on their way.

"The female is not dangerous at all, the male however, has big horns, but is not aggressive.

"They will run away from people so please keep your distance and call us so that we can contain them until the dart team arrive.

"There is no reason to be afraid so please remain calm especially if you see them so that we can get them safely back to the zoo."