A FLINTSHIRE healthcare worker is helping to spread a virtual rainbow of hope across the county as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation.

Drawings of rainbows have started appearing in the windows of houses across the nation in a trend known as a ‘Rainbow Trail’.

Lauren Conroy has launched a social media page to help display local drawings that are popping up across Flintshire to help brighten up the day of those that cannot leave home at all.

The NHS healthcare worker told the Leader: “I always used the rainbow symbol around our home, even before this trend emerged, as my son is a rainbow baby. Also, people say that after every storm comes a rainbow which is where the symbolism ties into miscarriages.

“With the COVID-19, its kind of like a storm and the rainbows are giving us hope for when we come out of that storm and hopefully we’ll come out of this very shortly and won’t continue to lose lives.”

The group was launched on March 23 to share photos of rainbows being drawn and placed in windows – and some children have transformed their garden path into a rainbow using chalks.

She added: “I put our rainbows up about five days before starting the group after doing them with the kids just to pass the time now they are at home.

“After we put them up, I posted the picture on my personal social media page and a few others joined in from there. I spoke with the lady that runs a local support page for Holywell and she suggested I make a group to share it and let more people get involved.”

The group has dozens of members from across the county – including Buckley, Connah’s Quay and Flint.

Lauren added that she noticed the group making a difference very close to home after her elderly neighbour came to tell her through the window that seeing her children’s rainbows made her smile.

The mum-of-two is currently self-isolating with her children, Scarlett-Amelia and Albie-Bow, as her son has lung issues and has been advised to take the precaution to keep her family safe.

To get involved and share your rainbows, search for ‘Rainbows of Flintshire’ on Facebook and request to join.