A FLINTSHIRE pub has started putting pictures drawn by local people up onto their windows to maintain morale during the UK’s three week lockdown.

The Horse and Jockey in Buckley recently called upon the community to have a go at drawing anything they like before posting it through the pub’s letterbox.

There are already around 20 pictures that have been delivered to the pub, with more being posted each passing day.

It is hoped that the colourful pictures, ranging between everything from rainbows to happy families, will brighten up life inside and outside the pub.

About the idea, Miss Becky Fitzpatrick, 31, who is the live-in manager of the Horse and Jockey, said: “I saw young people putting up pictures of rainbows in their own windows.

“My niece and nephew were going to send me some pictures from Ireland, and then I had the idea of having everybody’s pictures up in our windows while we’re closed.

“It’s very weird living above an empty pub, so this is definitely brightening the place up a bit. But I also hope it brings a smile to the faces of the people who are walking or driving past.

“We’re encouraging people of all ages to send in their pictures, with the youngest person to do one being a ten-month old baby, and the oldest being a 65 year-old.

“So, keep them coming if you can while you’re out for your daily walks and we’ll get them put up and add to the 20 or so we have at the moment.”

Miss Fitzpatrick was forced to close the Horse and Jockey following an announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson which instructed cafes, pubs and restaurants to close by March 21.

However, instead of laying idly by, the manager has said that she is currently cleaning the pub to ensure it is in perfect condition for when they reopen, whenever that may be.

“We’re giving the place a good spring clean, so it’ll look as good as new when we reopen. We’ll also clear the beer garden and hope we can be back open for the summer,” she added.

Anybody wishing to draw a picture to go up in the pub should put their name and age at the bottom before posting it to the pub on Church Road in Buckley.