There are not many better ways to spend a Thursday night than heading to the Fat Boar restaurant in Wrexham for their weekly fajita night.

Friends of mine had raved about the meals at the restaurant, which is the second of its kind in North Wales, so I went along to try it for myself.

I had previously been to the Fat Boar for meals, and I have to say that each time I have enjoyed my food there.

The fajita nights proved to be no different – it was so good that I went on two consecutive Thursdays!

I would advise anyone to book if you wish to go to the Fat Boar in an evening, as on both occasions, both floors were pretty much full.

Having said that, two of my friends and I were taken to our seats very quickly after entering the restaurant, and after we were seated, our drinks were soon with us.

With a jug of water already available for the table, I settled for that as the designated driver that evening, while my friends sampled a couple of the bar’s many ales and lagers on offer.

There was a great atmosphere in the busy room upstairs where we were seated, and there was plenty of room around each of the tables.

Although the menu included some tempting traditional burgers and some exciting starters which would have been nice to start the evening with, we had already decided before arriving that we would share the fajita platter.

As with any meal which is made to be shared, greedy eaters like myself worry whether there will be enough to go around, and I was concerned that I may leave feeling underwhelmed and still hungry enough to enjoy a late night snack when I returned home.

The sharer for three people comes at a cost of £10 per person, but on top of that, we purchased a side of ‘dirty fries’ – a plate full of skinny chips covered in melted cheese and chunks of bacon (the sharer also comes with chips itself).

After a short wait and a few more drinks, the sharing platter was brought to the table.

In short – it was immense.

A huge plate, which from memory, I would say was around the size of an A3 sheet of paper, was stacked full of everything you could possibly want in a fajita.

A huge mound of chopped up steak and cajun-spiced chicken was the most eye-catching part of the plate.

This was accompanied by fried onions, peppers and other bits of garnish all rich in flavour.

There was also pots of cheese and a range of sauces, and a pile of jalapenos for those who like their food extra spicy.

We were given just four wraps to start, but we were told we could ask for more whenever we were ready.

And so we began to tackle the huge mountain of food on the plate in front of us, and honestly, at points it seemed never-ending.

The steak was cooked exactly how I enjoy it, and the chicken, although quite spicy, was also very enjoyable.

Even after a second serving of wraps, there was still plenty of food for each of us – my worries regarding the amount of food not being enough beforehand had been well and truly eradicated.

The food got the better of us, with a small amount left on the plate afterwards, but no doubt if we had room it would have been finished without any problems.

I would go as far as saying they are probably the best fajitas I have ever eaten. Being able to decide what goes in the wraps made it even more enjoyable, and having a range of sauces to choose from meant the wraps were not too dry.

If you like fajitas, then this is the perfect place for you; but with the regular menu still available on a Thursday, there is plenty more for guests to choose from.

A lot of Welsh produce appears on the menu with a range of meals from traditional fish and chips to burgers. There is also a vegan menu available.

The bill worked out at around £18 per person, including drinks, which is more than reasonable for the amount of food you are given.

The service was very good, especially considering the room was full for most of the evening, and the bar area was also busy.

A cocktail menu is also available, and in the summer, there is a large outdoor area at the back of the restaurant which offers the perfect setting to enjoy a pint in the sun.