A FLINTSHIRE Mind Mediation Consultant is looking to reduce the misery that migraines bring with them.

Holywell Hypnotherapist Paul Kay is offering sufferers the opportunity to take part in a study that he believes will help to reduce the misery of the debilitating condition.

Mr Kay has suffered from migraines himself but with the use of some special self-hypnosis and mind mediation techniques says he has been free of them for the last 18 months.

The 57-year-old said: “Migraines are very debilitating and cause misery to millions of people.

"I know of people who have had migraines every day of their lives for 20 and 30 years or more. They are often having to take very strong medications that have some nasty side effects.”

And now he is looking for initially five people who suffer from migraines to take part in his study.

“Treatment will be free and takes place over four sessions,” he said.

He also points out the enormous financial costs of migraines costing both the NHS and employers millions of pounds each year.

Mr Kay added: "People are losing their jobs because they have to take time off and their quality of life suffers dramatically, more needs to be done to help.

“Unfortunately, I have no funding for this study so will only be able to take on a handful of people at a time.

"I hope to be able to provide enough positive data to be able to present it as a viable alternative treatment."

Anyone interested can contact Mr Kay on 07486688717 or via email paulkaydhp@kholistictherapy.com