ELDERLY and vulnerable people in Wales will not be left unattended despite warnings of more flooding and bad weather, confirms leading Welsh Provider.

Highly trained professional carers have provided support to service users during the recent flooding and are preparing for more proposed bad weather to come, thanks to dedicated home care teams at Abacare.

Neil Griffiths, Regional Manager at Abacare, which has offices in Flintshire, said: "Many areas of Wales have seen extreme flooding, including some where our service users live, but as a company we are always prepared and our expert carers were able to attend to those in need.

"There are currently warnings for more flooding in certain areas as well as snow, but we are like an emergency service and we don’t leave people without the vital care they need. We are committed to offering high quality care to individuals in their own homes and we continue to do this despite any bad weather.

"Carers are always ready to help and make arrangements to get to work. Obviously, we take our carers’ health and safety into serious consideration and if they can’t make it in due to the conditions, we find one of our other carers who can. We’ve even taken a carer to work by tractor before.

"We would like to give a special mention and huge thanks to all our dedicated carers for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our service users are looked after even in the adverse weather conditions. We are lucky and very proud to have such a great team."

Abacare operates a professional Care Management Team that is committed to providing high quality care to individuals in their own homes.

The large team of trained, specialist, care workers provide positive based outcomes and person-centred care to people throughout the UK.

Abacare is creating employment for hundreds of new carers this year and is offering flexible and supported work for those wishing to advance their careers.

No experience is necessary to become a carer as free, full training is offered, which includes a company induction, first aid, information on dementia, health and safety, food safety, infection control, handling medication and moving and handling service users, with the opportunity to achieve Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) after the initial three months probationary period.

New recruits are given free uniforms, access to national staff discount scheme for all major brands as well as 28 days paid holiday, paid travel between calls and paid mileage.

Neil added: "Being a carer is a highly skilled, professional vocational occupation that is essential to the fabric of our society and the beauty of a job for life means people can start by training with us and work their way up the career ladder gaining further training and qualifications.

"In today’s changing world of employment, we pride ourselves on being able to offer long-term job security and career prospects."

For more information about Abacare call 01352 870671 or visit www.abacare.org.uk.