MORE needs to be done to prevent fly-tipping in a town's 'beauty spot', local residents have said.

The Leader previously reported that the scenic waterfall in Flint Mountain was left blighted by rubbish.

However, walkers were once again left 'disgusted' as yet more mounds of rubbish have been thrown around.

Regular walker Molly Perry said: "It's disgusting and more should be done to prevent it.

"There also must be some alternative ways to stop it up there perhaps a fence or CCTV."

Steve Jones, chief officer streetscene and transportation said: "Streetscene Services attend all incidents of reported fly-tipping and attempt to clear the material within 24 hours of receiving the report.

"Flintshire County Council is continuously working to promote the responsible disposal of waste and every incident is investigated and, where possible, enforcement action is taken against those who offend.

"We are now aware of this location and will continue to monitor the surrounding area.

"If anyone needs more details on waste disposal or wishes to report a fly tip, please visit the Flintshire County Council website at , or contact the Streetscene and Transportation call-centre on 01352 701234."