A JOHNSTOWN family closely affected by cancer are walking a combined 900,000 steps to raise money to help fight the disease.

Naomi Fowles, eight-year-old son Rhys and dog Sox are each walking 10,000 steps a night every evening in March in aid of Cancer Research UK - a charity very close to their hearts.

Naomi, now 28, was aged just nine when she was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Looking back on her experiences, she said: "I don't remember too much of this time, except sleeping in hospital for weeks on end, having headaches and there being lots of needles - they still terrify me to this day."

Thankfully, Naomi's chemotherapy treatment was successful and she hasn't suffered any relapses since.

However, in 2014, her partner Paul was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma.

But after undergoing several operations, Paul's cancer was also successfully treated.

The family are 'Walking all over cancer' to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Naomi said: "Cancer Research UK is a charity very close to my heart for several reasons - but mainly because because of my own Leukaemia diagnosis as a child and my partner's diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma.

"Luckily because of the incredible research, determination and hard work of the likes of Cancer Research UK, we are still here today."

They initially set the fundraising target at £100, but that was smashed within hours of the fundraiser going live.

You can donate to it here.