AN art exhibition is set to open for Easter in a bid to give people a 'chance to get creative'.

An exhibition of art work for Easter will open on April 6 in the Wrexham Independent Gallery (TWIG) on Lord Street in Wrexham.

This is shortly after it becomes a pop-up shop and gallery called ‘How Bizarre’ on Saturday, April 4. It will run for at least eight days, until Easter Monday, from 10am to 4pm.

Peter Burslem, who is organising the exhibition, said: "The idea is to give local artists and craftspeople, whether they have a faith or not, a chance to get creative around the theme of Easter and what it means to them.

"This is the first time I have organised something like this so I am grateful to both TWIG and ‘How Bizarre’ for letting me have some space so I can start in a small way and see how it goes.

"We already have several pieces of work promised, including one from well known tree sculptor, Simon O’ Rourke, which I am looking forward to seeing in place.

"I’m sure there are plenty of talented artists in and around Wrexham who could rise to the challenge and there is still enough time to produce something.

"Anyone who is going to contribute or needs more information should contact me on 07570105593.

"If you are exhibiting, you will pay a small fee of £4 to cover the gallery’s costs. The work doesn’t have to be for sale, but, if it is, the maker would have to decide the price.

"If the work is sold, a commission of 20 per cent would be charged to give the gallery some income. All items need to be ready by March 31."