A SPECIAL delivery has arrived from Germany as an iconic Wrexham brand continues to expand.

The state-of-the-art kegging machine was specially-built to suit the needs of the expanding Wrexham Lager brewery in the town centre.

An extension was recently added to the brewery to house the new automated keg cleaning and filling machine.

Directors of the company Jon, Vaughan, Mark Roberts and their sister Janet Gaffey are looking to export what is one of Britain's oldest lagers around the globe again.

They joined forces with former brewing manager at Wrexham Lager Ian Dale to set up the new brewery in 2011 - bringing Wrexham Lager back to pub-goers after a gap of more than a decade.

Jon said the new kegging machine was being put through its paces and was now putting out six kegs per minute compared to one keg every three to four minutes.

He added: "Under the current climate we are in that we are re- investing in the business and therefore the town, looking to the future with a view to creating further jobs for the local area."

"You have to walk before you can run but now we are able to expand and ramp up production.

"We are now in a position that when the sun does shine we can supply the demand."

The new machine cleans and sterilises the kegs, which is vitally important as Wrexham Lager is preservative free. So there will be not chance of a cloudy pint under the new system.

Jon added: "It will let us produce a higher volume but also a better product."

Wrexham Lager has becoming synonymous with the town whose name it bears. It has risen, declined, and risen again, and now, based at a new town centre brewery, it is seen as an essential part of the flourishing North Wales food and drinks sector.

First brewed in 1882, Wrexham Lager was the first lager imported to far off countries, including India, South Africa, the Americas and Australia. It also has the infamous honour of being the only lager available on the doomed voyage of the White Star Line’s Titanic.

Last month, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths raised a glass to the success of North Wales drinks companies, including Wrexham Lager, and backed them to continue to prosper in a post-EU world.

Mrs Griffiths said: “North Wales drink companies have gone from strength to strength in recent years with Wrexham Lager, Purple Moose and Aber Falls, just three that have achieved success in the UK and abroad.

“I have been very clear with the UK Government about how we believe trade negotiations should progress. It’s really important we can continue to trade with the EU and don’t give our competitors an extra advantage.

“The Welsh brand is something worth celebrating and with the right conditions in place, I see no reason why our food and drinks sector cannot continue to prosper.”