THE managing director of a large auction company has spoken out about the parking problem that persists in Queensferry.

Earlier in the month, the Leader reported that Queensferry Community Council agreed for new yellow lines to be painted on a residential street just off the busy Station Road.

The matter arose in February’s community council meeting with councillor David Wisinger labelling the Bridge Villas road as ‘an accident waiting to happen’ when events are on at the nearby Wilsons Auctions.

The Leader:

Wilsons Auctions in Queensferry

However, Ian Wilson, the managing director of Wilsons Auctions, which has a site just 200 yards away from the problematic Bridge Villas, believes yellow lines are not needed.

Speaking to the Leader, Mr Wilson said: “I was first made aware of this a few weeks ago, and we immediately took steps to resolve the issue.

“We approached the police and asked for ‘No Parking’ signs to go up, but they weren’t able to help. So, we went and bought parking signs and traffic cones of our own.

“We now put those cones down along the front of our store on auction days, directing people into our car park, and that’s helped eradicate parking issues on the main road.

The Leader:

The Queensferry road where yellow lines are set to be painted

“Although we do have our own car park, some customers choose to park on the road or somewhere nearby for convenience so they can leave early or so they don’t get blocked in.

“But if yellow lines do get painted onto that road just off the main road, it will effect all of the traders on the street.

“I also think that if yellow lines do go there, the people who live in those half a dozen houses won’t be able to park there either and we don’t want them to be getting tickets outside of their own homes.

“What I’ve been saying to people is that the road should have cones along it to stop people parking there. If cones are there for a few weeks, people will get the message.”

Despite Mr Wilson’s thoughts, though, the yellow lines are expected to be painted on to the Bridge Villas road by Streetscene workers in the near future.

All auction goers are urged to park their vehicles in the Wilsons Auctions premises, which Mr Wilson confirms is large enough to cope with demand.

He added: “We have enough space in Queensferry for all of our customers, unless the Queen decides to turn up.

“We are policing the parking situation ourselves by directing people who come to our auctions where to park in our premises.”

Wilsons Auctions was formed in 1936 by Ian Wilson’s father, William Wilson, and is now the largest independent auction company in the UK and Ireland, employing over 450 people.

Auctions are held at the Queensferry site – which is one of 18 – twice a week, auctioning everything from vehicles and property to machinery, general goods and luxury items.