NORTH Wales is bracing itself for its latest spell of Arctic weather conditions as snow, sleet and high winds are set to hit the region.

Flintshire and Wrexham have narrowly avoided a Met Office yellow weather warning for ice – which covers much of Scotland and northern England – but will still be plunged into freezing conditions.

Temperatures are expected to dip at around 5pm on Tuesday, giving much of north east Wales an outside ‘feels like’ temperature of about 0 degrees Celsius.

Hail and rain will begin to fall at that time in and around the Queensferry area, with that likely to continue through the night until 8am on Wednesday morning.

From then, the gusts will pick up in the area and potentially reach up to 40 miles per hour before dying down by mid-afternoon.

The people who live in and around Hawarden will experience similar conditions, with rain and sleet expected to be falling in the area between 5pm on Tuesday and 9am on Wednesday.

Wrexham should enjoy a relatively dry Tuesday evening, but people could wake up to snow and sleet with light snow showers predicted in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Outside ‘feels like temperatures’ could dip to as low as -4 degrees Celsius over the next couple of days, with the Met Office warning people in the region to also beware of icy conditions.