A TOWN council is ‘out of control’ spending other people’s money, a councillor claimed as he resigned from his role.

Holywell town councillors were asked to vote on whether they should continue to pay a contribution of £12,000 to Holywell Leisure Centre and £8,000 for the maintaining of play areas.

Members heard how for three years, councillors agreed to match fund £20,000 to the leisure centre, along with Flintshire Council, to prevent the closure.

However, that agreement has since come to an end, but the finance committee asked members to agree to pay a new price.

Cllr Mike Brooke said: “Are we not inviting them here to be questioned? They need to come once again, we need to be able to ask them proper questions this time.

“This council in general, we are out of control with other people’s money. Most of us live within the county, we all see increases in council tax.

“The public perception when they see us throwing money at a leisure centre which many of our residents can’t afford to send their kids to.

“We are there throwing money at them, throwing our residents money at them. Honestly, it’s out of control, I don’t want to be spending this, I don’t want my council tax going towards it. I don’t personally use the leisure centre, many people round here don’t, many can’t afford to go in summer but have to pay for other people to come.

“We are too quick to give away other people’s money.”

Cllr Rosetta Dolphin said she agreed she did not want to spend £20,000 but at the same time did not ‘want to drop them’.

She said this could reduce every year and they could request funds from other councils.

Cllr Barry Scragg said the town council could not make a decision during the last meeting so the financial committee made the decision and brought it back to full council.

He said: “It’s a first-class attraction, I’m proud of it I’m proud of the committee and I’m proud of the decision we made.”

After a lengthy discussion, a recommendation was made to defer the payment until the council has seen the financial details of the Leisure Centre, it can then be brought back to council to see how much money they need.

Cllr Brooke seconded this but asked due to the amount a representative comes in so councillors could ask questions. He said he was not against giving the leisure centre funding, but requests need to be made.

However, when this went to vote, it did not succeed, and members said they should vote in favour of paying the full £12,000 this year.

Cllr Brooke then resigned adding: “This council just voted to give away £12,000 and voted against being able to question the organisation.

“You tell me this council is not out of control with other people’s money when all we wanted to do was find out their financials and ask questions.

“I resign from this council. This council is out of control, it’s out of touch, it is outrageous.

“When I joined this council, I was told it needed new blood, it needs a transfusion. There’s no fight to be had here.

“I’m too young for this.”

Cllr Brooke said the council forgets on too many times that it is the public’s money the council is spending.

Cllr Peter Astell reminded members this was an asset to the town.

He said: “Let’s not forget it is an asset. It’s an asset this town cannot afford to lose. It’s a big asset, it gives us prestige and serves a purpose to people. I for one think we should do all we can to support it. It would be a very, very sad day for this council if we don’t make every effort we can.”

Members heard how the Leisure Centre requested financial assistance and told councillors why they needed the funds.

Councillors voted in favour of paying £12,000 to the Leisure Centre and the clerk will request financial statements.