HUNDREDS of Leader readers have given thanks to a ‘forgotten hero of the NHS’ for her services to the community.

The Leader previously reported that Joan Britton spent 40 years of her life working with generations of New Welsh mothers.

Her brother Bill had spoken of his pride after decades of hard work in the local area.

Hundreds of Leader readers have since had their say on how Joan has helped them.

Christine Margaret Phillips said: “Very, very special lady. This lady holds a special place in my heart. My Son and I would not be alive today if it was not for this special lady. My Son was born three months early because of pre-eclampsia. We owe our lives to Joan.”

Keith Lloyd said: “When my wife was rushed into hospital a few days after giving birth to our daughter I was left looking after her, this lady was a god send, she would arrive at the house at about 7am bath my daughter and made sure we were ok for the day, Joan you're a star.”

Her services to the country did not go unnoticed as Bill told the Leader how Joan was offered an MBE but turned it down.

The proud brother said that Joan would say that the women of Wrexham were her reward for they always came and talk to her and tell her how their children were getting on.

Stephen Davies said: “People like Joan are the forgotten heroes of the NHS, learning their skills and gaining knowledge working on the wards (not in a classroom). These people are sadly being replaced by "career professionals" instead of those with a vocational following. The NHS needs carers not managers.”

Jeanette Griffiths said: “My memory of Joan was when I was pregnant with my first child and she came to visited me at home and realised I hadn’t attended any anti-natal classes, Joan insisted that she picked me up and drove me to Hightown for classes.

“A remarkable lady who at the time I didn’t appreciate the extra mile that she was taking. I’m going to take this opportunity, many years later to say Thank you Joan.”

Heulwen Jones added: “I was lucky enough to have Sister Britton as was my Mother, a real midwife, no nonsense approach, plenty of common sense and a kind heart to pinot all us new mums in the right direction.”

Joan also had time for aspiring pupils including Lucy Owen.

She told the Leader: “She was a great teacher, we worked very hard in an area of deprivation, and in a very rural area often up at night with a delivery and then do routine work the next day. We did have some funny times too.

“We have exchanged Christmas cards every year since then for the past 50 years.”