A JUNIOR football club has paid homage to the "very important" role played by a local company in sponsoring it.

Holywell Town FC Youth has been sponsored by Buckley-based Rooms and Views for its first two seasons.

It ha been supplying kits and support for all the players and the number of children participating has doubled after the first season.

And the owner of Rooms and Views, Kevin and Rebecca McClure, are also volunteers at the newly set up Holywell Infants - enabling children from two to four years to start their footballing journey.

Jordan Hadaway, coach of Holywell U6s, said: "We need to remember if it wasn't for wonderful people and companies like Rooms and Views in sponsoring us, children would not be able to play and grassroots teams wouldn't survive.

"Most grassroots clubs struggle with sponsorship and companies like Rooms and Views are a great help for the football as sponsorship is a very important part.

"So Holywell Town FC Youth would like to thank Rooms and Views for all the support that they have given and the opportunity for the local children to access football."

Ceri Renshaw-Hadaway, chairperson of Holywell FC Youth, added: “With companies like Rooms and Views sponsorship it really helps to take some of the pressure away from running a youth set up.

"We are all volunteers from the committee, to the hard working managers - and without sponsorship and volunteers grassroots clubs would not exist.

"The cost of kits, equipment and pitches are very expensive, so with sponsorship and fees we just about survive.

"But costs a side, most importantly is the job of all of us working together to give a chance to our local children - to have a hobby and safe place to grow."