NEW yellow lines are set to be painted on to a Flintshire road to help residents who are regularly blocked in and prevented from leaving their homes.

Local councillors approved the calls to introduce the yellow lines on Bridge Villas – near the blue bridge - at a Queensferry Community Council meeting.

They will now be painted on by Streetscene workers in due course, and County Councillor David Wisinger admits the sooner they are painted on, the better for local people.

About the matter, he said: “This will be a big help to residents in the area near to the blue bridge and the Toyota garage.

“Every week they are struggling to get out of their own homes and driveways when the auctions (Wilsons Car Auctions) are on.

“On those days, there are cars parked on each side of the road and people can’t see in either direction when they’re trying to get out.

“With how things are there at the moment, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”