DEESIDE'S Assembly Member is leading a campaign for a community bank in Buckley.

Jack Sargeant AM recently hosted representatives of Banc Cambria, Mark Tami MP, Buckley town councillor Carolyn Preece and Flintshire County Officials to further discuss the issue.

Community Banks are run by and for their members, in the interest of the community. Independent of private banks and based solely in Wales from their branches through to headquarters, without the big bonus culture ever-present in the current banking world. They work with community groups and credit unions to reach all parts of the community.

The Alyn and Deeside AM said: "As I have repeatedly said, we need to secure banking services for the long term in Buckley.

"A community Bank could make a huge difference to the town, guaranteeing free access to cash and face to face banking services as well as supporting local businesses."

The Leader:

With an increasing number of towns without a bank, especially in rural areas, businesses are having to close early to deposit their takings at a bank because the nearest one is now much further away.

Bank closures also hit poorer residents hardest as they often find it more difficult to access banking services. A community Bank would offer current accounts to all local residents, regardless of income or wealth.

Despite the move to internet banking many people still want face-to-face services as well, the opening of a community bank would ensure this happened.

Mark Hooper, Project Lead for Banc Cambria added: "We’re grateful for Jack Sargeant’s continuing support for a Welsh Community Bank.

"Branch banking in towns like Buckley is vital for the everyday economy but the big banks have largely ignored these needs in search of bigger profits elsewhere.

"We think their mistake is the community’s opportunity to deliver a real alternative, in Banc Cambria. Buckley is in our plans; our challenge over the next couple of years is to get a full banking licence and get a branch open here as quickly as we can."