A SOCIAL enterprise ‘will not go down without a fight’ for a community asset that may soon be ‘lost forever’.

Enbarr Foundation CIC is calling on the community to back their vision for the John Summers Clock Tower Building.

The Leader previously reported that in 2018 Vicki Roskams launched a campaign in a bid to reopen the landmark site to benefit the whole community and beyond.

However, despite leasing the building and moving plans forward, the land at Shotton Point has now been put up for action.

Vicki said: “We want this building to be for the community. At the end of the day, we may have the building, but we need the land and we were in negotiations with the administrators (Grant Thornton), we made an offer, but it wasn’t good enough.

“We can’t gain access to the building because we need to go on the land. We want to get word out there so we can get as much support as possible.

“We will be going the auction, but we haven’t got the big budget. I have spent £4,500 just to be included and it’s the charity’s money, I’ve had to put my own money in because I feel passionate about it. I feel passionate for the community and I always have done.

“We haven’t given up yet. Thank god I have a good team behind me. It’s all part of the heritage. This is the history of what built Deeside, it is part of what made people happy. We want to bring the old community and young together.

“We are trying to do something good but those up above aren’t backing us. The social impact for the area will be so high.”

The site as a whole recently became Grade 2 listed by Cadw and Welsh Government and Vicki said the work to renovate the site would cost millions of pounds, however this was made possible due to organisations pledging products, services and time.

She added: “It was all going to be done by the community.We have over 70 volunteers all waiting to go.

"What we have planned is huge, it will help people get back out there, people struggling with their mental health, they can come here and visit the gardens or get help. There will be a skills centre to help people get back into work. It’s all for community benefit.

“Me myself, I’m gutted but I have got a top team behind me and I won’t go down without a fight.

“We can’t afford to carry on if we lose the auction.

“It’s going to cost millions of pounds to get it back up to standard. It’s not far from falling don it’s on the edge. If we don’t do anything, in the next 12 months that building will be lost forever.”

Enbarr Foundation now requests support and voices from the community, so that this building is not sold to ‘another developer’ and left to sit and fall into ‘further disrepair’ and ultimately result in losing another great piece of heritage and history.

Vicki told the Leader: “We are now calling on people of the community, who have been touched by this building and steelworks. Please help us to secure it for future generations to enjoy. If a developer acquires the site it could be left to rot, since they will have a battle on their hands to remove its Grade 2 status.

“During the planning of the project, it has been empowering to hear the amazing stories and journeys people have taken alongside the steel industry, and one of our aims is to share them in a People’s Museum within the Clocktower; to recognise all those fabulous people in the community who have built these towns, and the industrial sector around us.”

A petition has been set up so that the collaborative work and preparation over the last two years does not fall and ‘people’s aspirations are not shattered again’.

Those wanting to sign the petition can do so at https://www.change.org/p/welsh-government-help-save-our-heritage-savetheclocktower-british-steel-works.

Vicki added: “This building is for the people and was built by the people.

“Let your voices and signatures be heard, so that we can get the support of the Welsh Government and Flintshire Council to negotiate with the administrators to take our more than generous offer.

“Give it back to the people that have given so many years to build this region, which they call their home.”

A meeting will be held with the social enterprise and local AM and MP to see how they can assist.

The auction will be held on February 18.

Grant Thornton has been approached for comment.