NORTH Wales should get £500m to improve its railways as a result HS2 scheme, the Welsh economy minister has said.

The UK Government approved HS2 on Tuesday but rail infrastructure is not devolved and the Welsh Government does not automatically receive a share of the spending.

However, Economy Minister Ken Skates said a "consequential" of the HS2 spend should be around £5bn, £500m of which would go to the electrification of the North Wales mainline.

A railway electrification system offers better energy efficiency, lower emissions and lower operating costs.

Appearing before the assembly's Economy Committee on Wednesday, Mr Skates said: "Yesterday we saw the announcement of HS2.

"I believe we should be entitled to a consequential for that spend.

"I also believe that £500m should be made available to electrify the Crewe to Chester line, a further £500m for the electrification of the North Wales mainline.

"That, in addition to the consequential, would amount to more than £5bn."

Mr Skates said that, combined with other extra money he expected to come to Wales, the total additional funding would "guarantee the future viability" of fare reductions for older people, injured service veterans and people with disabilities.