A WREXHAM man was breaching the terms of a restraining order when he went to his mother’s home and demanded money from her.

Jordan David Rippon, 20, of Grosvenor Road, was made subject of the order in July of last year but because he had breached the terms of it on several other occasions, had also been on a suspended sentence when he committed the offence. Despite being aware of the consequences of not contacting Marina Rippon, he attended her home address on Victoria Road on January 20.

Rhian Jackson, prosecuting, told Mold Magistrates Court how Ms Rippon heard a knock on her window and went to the door, without checking to see who it was first. Not wanting to cause a scene with other residents living within the building, she let him come in and although the conversation was initially cordial, matters soon took a downward turn when Rippon demanded his mother give him some money.

He told her he was “desperate” and that “if you loved me, you’d help me” before he took her phone off her and refused to give it back. When she told him she didn’t have any money to give him, Rippon asked her if he could take the television in order to pawn it at a local Cash Converter’s store. She refused and Rippon became abusive, telling “I’d rather you were dead than have a mum like you,” as well as making derogatory comments to her about another son she had given birth to, but who had died soon afterwards.

Ms Jackson said how the comment made Ms Rippon very upset and angry and she shouted at him to, “take the TV and f**k off” before he insulted further by calling her a s**g and a s**t. The incident had left Ms Ripon feeling “depressed” and “upset” and “having suicidal thoughts” and the fact she had been left without a television had meant she was lonely as she lived alone and didn’t have the money to buy a replacement.

Ms Jackson added how the television has since been seized by police officers from a local Cash Converter’s store and would be returned to Ms Ripon in due course.

Rippon had admitted going to his mothers home, but claimed while there, to receiving a text message from a friend telling him his partner had been cheating on him. He said this had made him feel stressed and that he wanted money so he could go and buy cannabis and that his mother hadn’t been upset, but angry.

Stephen Edwards, defending, told the court how his client, who was appearing via videolink from HMP Berwyn, accepted the inevitability that his suspended sentence would be activated. He said it is always a “sad state of affairs” when a son is barred by the courts from having any contact with his own mother.

Rippon, who is diagnosed as having ADHD, needed help with his mental health, as well as the drug support services.

District Judge Roger Lowe, told Rippon that the matter had been so serious that only immediate custody was justified.

As well as activating the ten week suspended sentence, District Judge Lowe also handed Rippon a 16 week sentence for committing the breach, which will be served consecutively.