CURRENT members of Sealand Council will decide which people fill the three available positions to join them in becoming community leaders in the area.

In a process called co-option, the ten presently serving councillors will vote for their three preferred choices to join Sealand Community Council on March 16.

Any people who wish to put themselves forward as candidates for the role must do so before the deadline on February 28.

In order to apply to become a new community leader in Sealand, potential candidates must send a letter of application to the council clerk.

The application letter must detail why you want to apply, why you would be good for the role, and a section describing yourself.

Current councillors will then have the chance to look over any applications that are sent in before voting for their three ideal candidates at the next council meeting after the deadline, which falls on March 16 and will be held at Sealand Primary School.

Council Chair, Cllr Barbara Hinds, will head the vote which will also involve councillors Jean Fairbrother, Bob James, Christine Jones, Norman Jones, Mikael Khan, Alex Lewis, Mike Walker, Mary Southall, and David Wisinger.

This method to determine the next three community councillors for Sealand comes after the deadline to call a local election passed on January 16 without anybody putting themselves forward for the position to trigger an election in the area.

The three available positions at Sealand Community Council have arisen following the recent resignation of Rhondda Whittaker, and the disqualification of Sarah Wilson and Shelley Webber.

Ms Wilson and Ms Webber were both disqualified as a result of not attending a meeting for six months, while Ms Whittaker offered her resignation on December 7, 2019, citing the fact that her current and future commitments would affect her council duties.

To apply to become a new community councillor for Sealand, send your letter of application to the council clerk, Peter Richmond, by email on: