AIRBUS says no decision has as yet been made on the future of its West Factory after it stops producing A380s.

The company announced that production of wings of the 550 seater A380 will leave the site in the first half of 2020.

And elsewhere, Airbus has announced that a final assembly line for production (FAL) of the A321 would be built at Toulouse - replacing the current Airbus A380 production facility by mid-2022.

But Airbus says this announcement does not mean its Broughton West Factory will go the same way, and nor does it have any other implications for its Broughton wing-making facility - which will continue to produce both A320 and A350 aircrafts.

An Airbus spokesman said: "The A321 FAL announcement for Toulouse is not linked to, nor sets any precedent for the Broughton plant.

"We are still to define a future use for the West Factory, and are discussing options as part of the site strategy."

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